Summer in Åhus

Camilla Seaside

Camilla SeasideHow do you explain the summer in Ahus for someone who has never been here? How do you describe the scent of pine and sea? The experience of ice cream with fragrant freshly baked cone where each ball is like two and therefore must plan out to eat it as a very big snack or possibly skipping lunch or dinner to eat the hurricane? How do you describe an evening swim in the sea with friends? How to explain the experience of a visit to Åhus Beach Handball Festival? The feeling that still traveling along the Helge River in a small canoe or perhaps a small boat? How do you describe the feeling of someone who has never walked in the old Ahus, cycled on the cobbles of our beautiful square and sat down quietly in the majestic St. Mary’s Church? For many Ahus summer paradise on earth. Holiday and summer vacation. For me it’s home. What luck to stay in the summer paradise. Sometimes you have to pinch themselves.

So if I were to try to describe the summer at the hotel then? Yes, it is, for example, small sand tracks in the lobby of a lovely day at the beach, tips for tourists on activities and summer open restaurants, there is breakfast on the terrace, happy vacationers and lots of hustle and bustle at the beach and throughout the Seaside area. There are picnic baskets, bicycles, umbrellas, sandals and small children with badringen on the stomach go hand in hand with a safe adult on the way to a relaxing bath and play.

Now, come August. It is still very last summer, even if it is only a few weeks left of summer vacation. Than there is time to eat breakfast out, swim and go in shorts. Here in Ahus we suck summer sweet tooth as long as we can. If we are lucky also offers September and maybe October on balmy summer days.

Take care of each other, enjoy the spare time and eat lots of ice cream!