Privacy Policy

Managing personal information at Åhus Seaside

We at Åhus Seaside respect your integrity. It is important to us that you feel safe with how we manage your information when you book with or in other ways come in contact with us. We manage personal data according to GDPR, the newest data protection regulation.

General information about GDPR
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018. In Sweden GDPR replaces the former Personal Information Law (PUL), however GDPR is enforced inall EU- member states. GDPR was created to protect each individual in all aspects of managing and spreading your personal details.

What is personal data?
Personal data is information about you which directly or indirectly can lead to you as a person, e.g. social security number, mail-address, pictures

Responsible for personal data
Åhus Seaside is responsible for managing your personal details with us. Our details are: Åhus Rent & Sea AB (company name), org. nr: 5563888485, address: Box 28, 296 21 Åhus, telephone number: +46 44-289300, email: If you want an extract of your personal details, we require an inquiry in writing to the address above. The same goes if you have comments on how we store your personal data, or wish to be erased from our costumer records. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Managing your personal details
When a guest orders or uses one of our services, we simultaneously collect personal information from this guest. This can entail details the guest leaves via our website, email, phone or through our automatic booking channels. If the guest has a special request for the visit (e.g. a particular room) this type of information could be saved with us, as well as information regarding special interest (shown through social media). Interest like food, drinks and entertainment we are in some capacity able to alter for a more tailored experience, hence increasing the guest’s enjoyment while staying with us. If a voluntary field has been filled in on a booking site or a guest poll this information can also be saved with us. Sensitive information like ethnicity, political opinion, religion, sexual orientation or membership in different unions will never actively be saved with us. We at Åhus Seaside advice you to never fill in sensitive information in empty fields that are not required. Personal details are saved in our guest records, where they are stored as long as they are current. Information that we no longer need for our business purpose with you as a guest/costumer, are regularly removed. Your details are saved up to two years after your last encounter with us.

Åhus Seaside does not need to your consent since you are choosing to book with us, either through our own website or through our chosen booking channels for accommodation or restaurant visits. When you make a booking, this is perceived as we (the company and the guest in question) enter an agreement. A contract where the details you have left are necessary to uphold the validity of the agreement. Such details are often name, address, phone number and email address. If you have entered that kind of an agreement with us you can always getin contact to get them corrected, erased or get an extract of your personal details. Which will be done within a month from your request at the latest. For Åhus Seaside to store your information in the purpose of having you participate in our newsletters or different kind of campaign offers, approval is obligatory. Approval by actively saying and or clicking yes regarding consent upon enquiry.

Purpose of managing your personal details
Why we collect and store your personal information:
– To process your booking or request of our service with us.
– To ease the process next time you are booking accommodation or services us.
– To administrate and develop the services we provide.
– To contact guests if needed, correlated with a booking, current or future. This can be done through text message, email, phone or newsletter.
– To analyze and improve the quality and the experience of our services.
– To inform about offers or campaigns.
– To send newsletters.
– To analyze our guests statistics and user behavior.

Who do we share your personal information with?
Åhus Seaside can be forced to give over your personal details in case of suspicion of crime or similar accusations. However, only if it is supported by law or an authority decision to police or other authorities. Åhus Seaside can also hand over your personal information to a subcontractor that we hire. These companies are allowed to use your details if our set guidelines are followed, to successfully complete their assignment given from Åhus Seaside. Via our website you can encounter links to other websites that we do not own or control. We are not liable for how they manage personal details.

Åhus Seaside can use “cookies” to store our visitors’ preferences and register information about which sites users have visited beyond ours. In purpose of modifying the website’s content after the visitors’ browser or other information that the user sends through the browser. By consenting to “cookies” on the website the visitor agrees to Åhus Seaside taking part in the information above.

We at Åhus Seaside hope that you after this information feel safe in the way we manage your personal information. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!