We are planning on a brand new hotel at Åhus Seaside!

We are planning on a brand new hotel at Åhus Seaside!

About two years ago we bought the hotel with the stunning location at the beautiful Täppet Beach in Åhus. Since then, we have made minor renovations of lobby, hotel rooms and conference rooms. The goal was to create a relaxed and pleasant hotel area to both private guests and conference guests.

It has always been important to us to have a family focus. At Åhus Seaside the kids are always welcome and we have had various family events that have become very popular. Our Seaside Bar & Café offers simple homemade dishes at affordable prices that can be enjoyed either in nice lobby or on the terrace right next to the beautiful beach of the Baltic Sea.

Now it is time for Åhus Seaside to take the next step.  The buildings in the Seaside area are worn out and the whole area needs freshening up. We have therefore submitted building permit documents for a brand new hotel with the idea of demolishing the old buildings when the new hotel is built.

It is very important to us both during the building process and after the hotel is built to preserve the unique sandy beach and pine tree environment at Åhus Seaside. The hotel will therefore be built in natural materials like wood and stone to blend in with the surroundings. We will also have a clear environmental focus in everything we do - from running the hotel to the use of ecological and locally grown ingredients at the restaurant.

We are planning for 74 rooms in different categories, every room with a sea view. The hotel is going to have a big every day open restaurant with a sea front terrace and modern meeting facilities with sea view terraces to every conference room. On the top floor there will be a relaxation area with saunas, outdoor sea view jacuzzis, access to various spa treatments and exercise.  The top floor will also include a seasonal open bar with a big sea view terrace. The hotel is planned to be 4700 square meters.

As a complement to the hotel building we plan on building 10 compartments, all with big terraces with a sea view and access to the hotel facilities. The compartment building is planned to be 1300 square meters.

We cannot say yet when the hotel building process will start but we will continuously update the information on our website www.ahusseaside.com. Meanwhile – you are most welcome to visit us at Åhus Seaside – the hotel with the friendly atmosphere at the beautiful Täppet Beach.

Camilla and Staffan Andersson with staff