Party planner


We’ve been building, ordering, building some more, painting, ordered more, sent things back that weren’t good enough, built some more.

I’ve mostly been organising the launch party. No only, but mainly. Organised the exhibitions, created ads, invitations, etc. It doesn’t feel like much when you think about it. I mean, Kalle has had the honour to organise all of the renovations, Staffan managed to get our alcohol licence in record time and Nini has ordered about 7000 different things. And well, I’ve planned the party… But someone has to. And it’s been so much fun. I’m actually really proud. Especially of the school exhibition, where hundreds of children from different schools in Åhus and Kristianstad have submitted their work. The kids’ art pieces are arriving en masse and they look amazing. Actually incredible. I hope there will be a great crowd there for the launch so that everyone can enjoy their hard work and see all of the exhibitions, have some cake and celebrate with us. We just have a few more things to fix. Furniture for example. And from now on I won’t only go by the titles of nurse, teacher and hotel owner but event organiser as well. That’s always something to fall back on. I just need to ensure that the first party goes well. Welcome to Åhus Seaside’s launch party!