Book your conference at Åhus Seaside!

Åhus Seaside are able to offer conference packages with unique opportunities. With the beautiful surrounding nature, our dedication to service and all our business partners that are experts in their field we can create the conference that is just right for you! We customize per your request, connect with the right contacts and oragnize. Gather inspiration from the ocean, eat well and experience our welcoming atmosphere. Let us take care of you!

You can book a conference with overnight stay or just a full day. A two day conference could look like this:

Day 1
You arrive at Åhus Seaside and we welcome you in our newly renovated lobby. We serve morning tea, with a tasty rye-sandwich. You confer in one of our lovely conference halls. Lunch including beverages and coffee/tea is served in our dining hall with an enjoyable view of the ocean and beach.
Afterwards you might seize the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing moment on the jetty or maybe a stroll on the boardwalk.
Afternoon tea containing freshly baked scones, cheese and jam is served in the bar.
After your conference is finished for the day, you check in your rooms and spend the remainder of your day as you please. Maybe you have a collective activity or a relaxing appointment at one of our feel-good opportunities. Supper is served in our dining hall during the evening. Round off the evening in our lounge, perhaps with a drink from the bar.
Before you close your eyes for a good night’s rest in one of our single or double rooms.


Day 2
Start the day with our delicious breakfast buffet, and maybe a walk along the beach.
You confer during the day, after your suggestions we have created a good mix of meals, activities and conference time throughout the day.
Morning tea, with a fruit platter and pastry.
Lunch including, beverages and coffee.
Afternoon tea with smoothie and energy byte.