Yoga and Raw food course

Together Seaside inspiration & hot yoga with Ekojullan can offer a wide assortment of different courses and workshops in the field of Raw food, lifestyle, yoga and ayurveda. All topics are linked to balance, health and wellbeing. Adjustments can be made for a more niche experience, for example men’s health, women’s hormonal health, depression, yoga, food, ayurveda or why not Feng shui (where you tie together balance in your home environment to your health and wellbeing).

To maximize each individual’s workshop experience, we let our participants do tests. For example body type and Feng shui.

These lectures/workshops can be adjusted to suit your schedule during conferences.

Duration: 2 hours (1, 5 hour lecture, and 30 minutes question & answer).
Raw food ayurveda
Feng Shui
Women’s health after the ae of 40
Men’s health
Weight loss

Group size: 5-20 people

Duration: 2, 5 hours. (Theoretic lecture and hands on workshop where the participants for example can make a green smoothie or a Raw food pie.

Raw food, how do you do it? We make green smoothies and juices.
Which body type are you and how can you improve balance? Feng shui, your home and your body.
Simple yoga exercises, smoothie tips and balance tips.

Group size: 5-20 people.

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