Absolut Home – you don´t want to miss the experience!

Absolut Home – you don´t want to miss the experience!

Are you planning for next year´s conference and a new group activity for your company? Are you looking for an activty for you and your friends? Don’t miss Absolut Home in Åhus!

The Absolut Experience is a unique opportunity to get to know Absolut from the inside. The philosophy. The people. The ambitions. If you ever wondered how Absolut could conquer the world, right here is where you’ll find the answers. This is after all where every single drop has been distilled.

This experience will take you behind the scenes and show you how one of the world’s finest vodkas is made. You will experience a journey through craftsmanship and innovation and meet the people, creativity and vision behind the brand. For the first time, we are also opening the doors to our distillery, and you will see firsthand how our vodka is produced. The experience will end with us sharing our best cocktail making tips. There will also be a non-alcoholic alternative.

The Absolut Experience Tour is a guided tour, 90 minutes long. It starts with a tour through the house, continues to our distillery and ends with a cocktail making session. After a visit to the Absolut Home you will understand that not all vodkas are the same.

The Absolut home is accessibility orientated, however the capacity per group is limited. Please enquire in advance by contacting info@absoluthome.com  Children under 18 years old only with parent.

For a conference offer or more information: info@ahusseaside.com or +46 (0)44-289300