Genuine Ålagille!

Ålagillesweekend på Åhus Seaside

“A true Ålagille (Eel party) can only be experienced in an eel hut along the eel guild coast between Åhus and Haväng in Sweden, otherwise it’s only a regular party where they serve eel”


Premiere 2016. Saturday August 27 at 7 pm.
After that there will be an eel party every Friday to Saturday until the middle of November.

(Ålagille for companies/conferences run throughout the week starting August 10).

Hopefully you were able to see when celebrity chef Per Morberg went fishing with us in Friseboda and then cooked eel with us on the iron stove. Per is both a skilled fishermen and chef, and together with the Eel foundation and the Eel Academy, we were honoured to award him with a pin for his efforts in preserving the Swedish eel.

The Ålagille is run by us two brothers – Mats and Max – farmers, eel fishermen and restaurateurs. We put our heart and soul into the cooking and that’s why our eel parties have been awarded the status of World Class Event. We also provide the opportunity to try on the traditional profession of ‘lejekarl’, and come out with us to mend and empty the eel nets. The eel season runs from the middle of August until the middle of November. Every eel party starts off with one of us talking about the myths and truths of this renowned fish. If you have a date in mind, make sure to book it as soon as possible to guarantee it. Over 50 different nationalities enjoyed last year’s eel party and they are sure to come back. Especially since no one remembers much of last time…

All of the eel served is Ålfond eel, a sustainable venture that means that for each guest at the eel party, we help farm five new eels.
All guests also get a pin as proof of your effort to help preserve the eel.


Eel soup
Traditional ‘luad’ eel with cheese (we’ll explain what ‘luad’ means we’ll explain on the night)
Boiled eel with mustard and potatoes
Seared eel with porridge
Red-eyed eel with scrambled eggs and seeded bread
Apple crumble and vanilla custard

We welcome all singing and bad stories.

Rates and bookings:
A genuine ålagille costs 750 SEK per person.
Weekend rate 1295 SEK.

Find out more about Ålagille at Mats & Max’s webpage